A place of calm and relaxation for a discerning Owner, our brochure for Helios features a 2 image lenticular cover to reflect the atmosphere and physical presence of this 60 metre yacht.

While Helios may be an apt name for a yacht with one of the largest sun decks in her class, in this instance Taylor was commissioned to produce a brochure for a vessel that is as much art gallery and floating luxury spa as luxury yacht. With an enviable art collection that ranges from signature artworks by Damien Hirst, to hand carved furniture by Antonio Gaudi, our mission was to show the yacht as a masterpiece in the art of charter. The finest cuisine, holistic spa treatments and the ultimate lifestyle, all on board one of the world’s finest yachts.

Taylor organised a 3 day shoot of exterior, interior and lifestyle images before designing and producing a limited hard back, cloth covered 84 page brochure for the Owner.


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