Lady Britt

Each year Lady Britt supports a new conservation project.
We believe that actions speak louder than words, so our efforts are aimed at providing small ‘on-the-ground’ researchersand conservationists with either equipment or financial assistance towards their work. Previously we have supported projects in the Galapagos and the South Pacific
For 2019, we decided to focus our support on Mexico’s Baja California.
The Sea of Cortez is visited by the world’s largest whale (the blue) and the world’s largest fish (the whale shark).
Save the whale shark is our motto for 2019 and accordingly we would like to introduce you to the whale shark research project.
WSRP study whale shark movements in the Sea of Cortez and we have donated two state-of-the-art satellite trackers to aid their research
This video shows our first Whale Shark being tagged last month and we look forward to bringing you updates later in the year.
Lady Britt