Edmiston Case Study

Taylor has worked with Edmiston since the Company was founded. It is a relationship that has flourished for over 19 years. Over such a long period of time, we have worked in a spirit of entrepreneurial zeal in a way that far exceeds the traditional role of marketing agency. Taylor has considerable experience both of the yacht industry and marketing to UHNWI. The relationship has evolved to the extent that we are proactive in almost every aspect of the Company’s marketing from briefing to completion.

Brand Marketing Strategy

Before Edmiston, yachts were marketed using a gentleman’s club strategy with a very conservative approach to language, graphics and photographic style. Taylor was responsible for red identity, lifestyle presentation and use of dramatic photography that is now not only the core of Edmiston marketing but has been adopted by all of the Company’s competitors. Consistency of presentation across all media has resulted in Edmiston being the most recognised brand in yachting and one of the very few travel companies that is a luxury brand in its own right.


Brand Creation

When so much is a matter of opinion, we made Edmiston the opinion that matters. Writing in a style that brought confidence through experience and expertise, Taylor positioned Edmiston as the go-to name for the best in yachting. We felt that for Edmiston to be a brand the Company needed products in the form of clearly differentiated services.

  • For global yacht shows we created Edmiston Quay
  • For charter we created the Edmiston E100
  • For chartering smaller yachts we created the Cruising Club
  • For management services we created the Essential Agent


Event Marketing

The Monaco Yacht Show is held in September every year. Our stand designs evolved from display graphics through to a 5metre (15ft) waterfall and into the current concept, Edmiston Quay. Taylor is responsible for the design and production of the marketing at the show. From showgirls to ice cream vendors, from stand design to partnership introductions, we work to create the highest possible profile for the brand.


Collateral - The E100

The Edmiston E100 – Over the course of our nineteen-year relationship, Taylor has written more than half a million words. We have shaped the tone of voice and defined what the brand stands for. The annual Charter Directory includes research and writing on over 400 things to do, places to go and what to see, as well as reviews of the actual yachts. When almost every broker has access to the same yachts and destinations, we decided to create the Edmiston E100. When almost every publication has a list of the world’s biggest yachts, we decided Edmiston were much better off presenting the world’s finest – a list created by Edmiston brokers and Taylor.


Collateral - Edmiston intelligence

Edmiston Intelligence is a quarterly, broadsheet newspaper. Its editorial focus is the analysis of the yachting business. For Edmiston, the intention is to give weight to the brand’s opinions. For clients it is about empowerment – giving them knowledge and understanding of markets and opportunities. This is another unique piece of collateral that no other yachting company possesses. Taylor creates the editorial, writes, designs and produces the publication.



A large yacht offers almost limitless potential for adventure, entertainment and relaxation in surroundings of incredible opulence. Some say the quality of service on a yacht is the benchmark for service worldwide. Conveying this allure is part of the very long-term strategic objective of Edmiston being pre-eminent in every sector of the market. The intention is that every time someone sees an Edmiston advertisement, there is a sense of anticipation about the content. A yacht for sale will be that bit better, a charter will be that bit more exciting and they are better because of Edmiston’s involvement. In essence this is one of the major factors that defines the brand.